Our Team

Belinda Bean
Property Manager
07 3555 6551
0406 381 887

Belinda is a polish seasoned, Award winning vivacious 'self proclaimed people person' offering over 12 years of diverse experience with the Property Management Sector. Driven by her entrepreneurial ways Belinda's management concept is founded on maximising her clients return on their investment properties and providing the highest quality customer service.

Due to her plethora of experience managing property portfolios for developers and agencies, Belinda has certainly dealt with such a varied range of situations. Putting the minds of her landlord and tenants at ease with her brand of thorough, consistent, and forthcoming service, Belinda is proud to manage such important and complex assets in a clients life.

Belinda is highly organised, outgoing and always professional with her genuine passion for the real estate sector legislation, market/technology trends and understanding of the local market.

''A life - long learner and always ready for the next challenge''